Private Full-Day Tour to historical Alexandria

Enjoy the Visit to one of the Wonderful city in Egypt in Full-day. Learn more about Alexandria and explore during your own private tour of these spectacular sites.

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  • You will get a chance to  visit Mediterranean bride 
  • Discover the main attractions sites of ancient Alexandria including the Roman Theatre and the Catacombs tombs of Kom el Shaqafa
  • Visit Pompey’s Pillar, enjoying its sculptures and artifacts .
  • Explore the   Library of Alexandria, one of  the largest and  most significant libraries of the ancient  world.
  • Take a walk through the ramparts of the 15th-century Qaitbay Citadel.
  • Enjoy our food tour and relax  with comfortable air-conditioned transfers.

Once you arrive you will visit :

Jan 1, 70
Catacombs Tombs:
  • Is considered one of the Seven  Wonders of the Middle Ages. 
  • The necropolis consists of a series of  Alexandrian tombs, statues and  archaeological objects of the Pharaonic  funerary cult with Hellenistic and early  Imperial Roman influences.
Jan 1, 70
Jan 1, 70
Pompey’s Pillar:

Is the name given to a Roman triumphal  column Set up in honor of Augustus  Diocletian the giant Corinthian column  originally supported a colossal porphyry  statue of the emperor in armor.

Jan 1, 70
Jan 1, 70
Library of Alexandria: 

The library was one of the largest and  most significant libraries of the ancient  world, but details about it are a mixture  of history and legend. the library was  founded during the reign of Ptolemy-I  (c.323–c.283BC). 

Jan 1, 70